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English for Starters 9 is uploaded (the whole book)

EFS 9 TG has been uploaded on our site.

You do not need a password to download it, just follow the link Anonymous FTP on the left side navigator.

The whole book was uploaded and it’s the final version.

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14 comments to English for Starters 9 is uploaded (the whole book)

  • Khalid -1

    Dear Omar,
    You may accept my humble gratefulness for you personally and the others in the team of EFS. It is 100% perfect and life has finally come back to my class and the periods are going to be alive and more enjoyable with the audio materials this time.
    All the best,
    Khalid al-Ta’ani

  • nabeeh.khdour


  • y

    ممكن اعرف كيف بنزل الكتاب والسي دي

  • marie

    يا استاذ خالد الطعاني ( ما نزل معي لا الكتاب ولا ال سي دي

  • abd_tr2007

    i can’t download the book or cd

  • aboode


  • kh-rami

    Dear publisher,
    I am Khaldoun Rikab ,teacher of English,I thank you very much and I thank all of those who made English for Starters available on the net.I wish you email me as soon as you complete English for starters10.Please make sure that we are waiting for it with the guide on the net so that we can find a chance to go deep in its details in the holiday.
    best wishes
    Khaldoun Rikab.

  • SmoothSimoo

    في مشكلة ممكن الطرقة للوصول الى الملف وتحميله

  • mhh.90


    How To Downlad This Book , Please ?

    I’m a new member in Your Website ….



  • hariri

    how could i to download the books

  • bruce lee

    كيف يكمن تحميل الكتاب

  • mrxkms

    I wanna say thank you very much Syrianep Staff.
    Its amazing to see on the web the E-books you have already uploaded since its hard to get the the new version of EFS from the book stores.

    Dear marie,abd_tr2007, SmoothSimoo and others.

    The books are there, just go straight to the link provided and download whatever book you want. I did download them all. But I want to draw your attention to something very important that the files on the net are in a PDF format and not an office word document. That means a file with a PDF format requires you to run a software that enables you to open such files.

    Go to this link and get your copy of PDF Adobe Reader

    For direct download go to:

    A special thank for the PUBLISHER.

    I wish you the best of luck all

    Best Regards
    Khaldon Shoubash

  • Me99

    For all morons who didn’t get the hint ,here’s the link:
    if you couldn’t download it that mean you are from Syria and no one is give a damn about you !!!
    pick up some damn proxy tool then download them….

    sorry for bad language but that’s because I care ;)

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